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iCHEF’s Customer Cloning System

What we learned from serving over 3000 clients

Our mission is to help F&B businesses to improve their bottom line with technology. Out of 3,000 restaurants, we discovered that the few that are truly successful have one key difference.

Their secret is actually very simple – they rely on regular customers. That may sound straightforward, but in reality many F&B businesses stumble on these 3 difficulties:

  1. Remembering customers: This is very dependent on your servers. Once you have a different server (be it due to a shift change or a new hire), he/she will not be able to recognise a repeat customer.
  2. Remembering preferences: Even if your servers are able to recognise a regular customer, they may not remember the customer’s name, how often they visit or what their favourite order is.

  3. Stagnant regular customer pool: While the regulars are satisfied and keep coming back, they seldom bring their friends with them, resulting in very little growth for your outlet.


That's why iCHEF created the Customer Cloning System: to help you keep track of your regular customers, analyse their preferences by from the backend reports, and do smart advertising that will bring you even more customers.

 iCHEF POS 招客系統循環,報電話就可以在POS上做會員管理,讓你新客變熟客、熟客帶新客,來客源源不絕。

Using loyalty point redemption to encourage customers to become members, you can then identify which customers are “hardcore regulars" from iCHEF’s reports and do ads that attract more customers of the same kind. When they then visit your outlet and become members, voila! You have created an efficient, effective customer recruitment cycle.

And all of this, with just a phone number.

iCHEF’s Customer Cloning System: Convert your new customers to regular customers, and use regular customers to get more new customers, so that you have a never-ending stream of customers.


1 Make new customers become regular customers more quickly


Give points instantly

No cards or apps necessary
Just enter their phone number and your new customer becomes a member. You can now award them loyalty points directly from the POS system, without having to give out cards, stamps or asking them to download another app.

Know your customers’ allergy and needs

Even small F&B outlets can provide 5-star service
Allergic to shellfish? Only eats steak cooked medium-rare? Everyone on your staff will know your customer’s preferences if they are a member – it appears automatically on the POS once their phone number is entered.

2 Cultivate hardcore regular customers


Find the big spenders

Did you know that 20% of your customers can account for 80% of your revenue? Use iCHEF’s backend analytics to identify the customers with high average spending and design promotions that cater to them – let them increase your revenue!

Give customers reasons to return

Did you know that patronising a restaurant thrice in the span of a month tends to convert a customer into a “super regular”? Using iCHEF, you can create a list of customers who visited your outlet recently and give them an excuse to visit again within the month.

Identify fans of different dishes

Tell the pizza lovers about your latest flavours; let the pasta lovers know about pasta specials. iCHEF lets you sort your members by their favourite dishes, so you can do more targeted promotions and let the people who care the most about a particular dish know what’s up. (*Development of this feature still in progress)

3 Stop wasting marketing resources


SMS notifications customers actually appreciate

Send your high-spending customers updates about premium ingredients and specials; while frequent diners receive notifications about bonus points on their next visit.


Cut your Facebook ad budget in half

Utilising your customers’ information in Facebook's ad targeting can reduce your ad spending by half and increase your new customers by 30%.*
*According to this case study by Facebook


"Even if your restaurant has 770,000 fans on Facebook, the only number that matters is how many of them actually visit!

Doing advertising targeted at the right people increases my chances of turning them into regular customers.

I like being able to identify my best customers and what they like, so I can make their experience better each time and make them want to return."

Rick,head chef and founder of Minuit