A Message From Our Founder

We opened Mazendo in 2012 to serve customers with spicy beef noodles, dumplings, and fried rice. Because we didn't have any previous restaurant experience, the workflow we set up just didn’t work well. And, as always, there were plenty of unfinished matters that needed our attention, which exhausted us on a daily basis.

A year after opening, we decided to renovate the restaurant. It was then, as we were in the process of making new plans, that we came to appreciate the importance of a POS to the restaurant’s business. It’s like a traffic controller, handling everything from

making reservations, seating, ordering, payment, and managing cash inventory. But POS solutions on the market at that time all had fixed operational methods and positions. So it didn’t matter how we redesigned the space and workflow, we were still limited by the POS.

When we talked to POS vendors about our frustrations, they just gave us a list of functions with a price quotation and shrugged their shoulders.

We needed more than that, so we decided to design our own POS solution.

As a result, iCHEF was conceived to be a smarter, higher-quality, and flexible POS system that can assist the workflow in a restaurant, is user-friendly, and genuinely improves restaurant operations.

Our mission is to make running a restaurant easier so you can focus on new ideas to grow your business. We hope that you can enjoy the benefits of iCHEF in realizing your ideal restaurant too.


Sean Hsu,

Founder ofiCHEF and Mazendo restaurant

 Mazendo, Sean