Waiting Line

  • Record customers' basic information
  • Rapidly browse waiting list detail
  • Adjust waiting list sequence
  • Order while waiting in line
  • Waiting time management


  • Rapidly record takeout customer information
  • Rapidly browse takeout waiting list
  • Adjust waiting list sequence
  • Takeout ordering
  • Takeout time management
  • Set takeout service charge
  • Change takeout cycle


  • Table status overview
  • Table time management
  • Set placeholder
  • Drag to move order
  • Multi-level order management
  • Rapid table change
  • Rapid table combination
  • Rapid bill combination


  • Order with pictures
  • Menu with meals on separate pages
  • Meal search list
  • Meal data file
  • Order set meal
  • Slide/touch-type page flip
  • Fast notes for items
  • Fast price adjustment for individual item price
  • Fast totaling and splitting for food prices
  • Display menu and single item ordering on the same page
  • Adjust the menu text font
  • Change the color of the menu page
  • Switch menu picture display
  • Change menu text color

Service Status

  • Revise single-order service status
  • Change service status for entire order
  • Pause ordering
  • Ordered but not served
  • Served but not yet paid
  • Paid
  • Reprint kitchen copy
  • Not yet ordered > change meal service
  • Ordered > change meal service
  • Not yet ordered > cancel order
  • Ordered > cancel order
  • Service complete > change items
  • Service complete > cancel items

Order Service

  • Print orders for the kitchen, by customer, for takeouts, cancellations, and table changes as well as account closing records
  • Can set label sticker printing
  • Adjust printing for the kitchen copy and split bill
  • Print reminder for kitchen copy food note
  • Have a designated printer print out each food category
  • Change the designated category printer on-site
  • Manually reorder
  • Adjust font size
  • Lost order prevention mechanism
  • Display printer status


  • Lock payment authorization
  • Cash payment
  • Credit card swipe
  • Enter discount or rebate
  • Enable/disable service charge
  • Recommend cash change
  • Amount preview
  • Single item payment
  • Split bill payment


  • Automated discount module
  • Discount according to time
  • Discount according to the number of people
  • Discount according to eating in or takeout
  • Manual discount module

Split Bill Payment

  • Rapid bill splitting module
  • Split bills according to meal items
  • Split bill based on the number of people
  • Split bill by the number of people and meal item
  • Evenly split specific items
  • Manual bill splitting module
  • Account and

Fraud Prevention

  • Set staff ID
  • Lock primary operation authorization
  • Record of primary operators
  • Staff clock-in/clock-out
  • Subtotal transfer
  • Calculate closed account
  • Order invalidation and discount record
  • Record of cash expenditure and shortage
  • Daily individual item sales record
  • Record of discount and deleted items
  • Cash counter management


Notes Analysis

  • Number of clicks on notes
  • Number of clicks for notes on a single item
  • Note the accumulated monetary increase or decrease
  • Note single item accumulated monetary increase or decrease
  • Meal ratio chart for single item notes
  • Notes analysis download
  • Download single item note analysis

Operations Analysis

  • Comparison of average revenue for the same period
  • Accumulated/daily average operating net revenue
  • Accumulated/daily average number of customers
  • Accumulated customer billing price
  • Daily average table turnover rate
  • Accumulated discount amount
  • Download performance overview

Product Sales Analysis

  • Overall product overview and sales trend
  • Single item, category, and set meal item overview
  • Single item, category, set meal sales trend
  • Average sales price
  • Order rate
  • Eat in and takeout ratio
  • Notes ratio
  • Sales quantity/proportion within the category and ranking
  • Revenue/proportion within the category and ranking

Staff Management

  • Employee ID setting
  • Lock primary operation authorization
  • Record of primary operators
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out record
  • Subtotal transfer
  • Calculate closed account
  • Order invalidation and discount record
  • Record of cash expenditure and shortage
  • Daily individual item sales record
  • Record of discounted and deleted items
  • Cash counter management
  • Authorization and clock-in/clock-out record download

Sales Ranking

  • Comparison chart for average sale amount for the same period
  • Product/category click rate ranking
  • Product/category sales quantity ranking
  • Product/category sales amount ranking
  • Ranking for amount of product/category sales change
  • Download sales ranking table

Customer Analysis

  • Comparison chart for average number of customers for the same period
  • Eat in and takeout ratio chart
  • Ratio analysis for customer numbers (one to five customers)
  • Average daily number of customers
  • Average number of customers on weekends

Instant Overview

  • Compare average revenue for the same periods
  • Revenue overview
  • Overview of the number of customers
  • Table turnover rate overview
  • Customer billing price overview
  • Product popularity ranking overview
  • Category popularity ranking overview

Payment & Invalidation

  • Check receipt or check item
  • Payment/invalidation and write off record
  • Accumulated receipt amount
  • Accumulated service charge amount
  • Discount accumulated amount
  • Total number of receipts issued
  • Number of issued/invalidated receipts
  • Payment time, payment method and detail list
  • Total number and monetary amount invalidated
  • Invalidation/write-off time, payment method and detail list
  • Invalidation/write-off time/original payment time
  • Payment record download
  • Invalidate/write-off record download

Discount / Rebate Analysis

  • Comparison of average discount for the same period
  • Accumulated total discount amount
  • Discount ratio figure
  • Total discount amount for a single item
  • Discount amount/operating net revenue ratio
  • Discount trend
  • Number of discount items
  • Discount overview download

Subtotal & AccountClosing

  • Operation completion time
  • Record person responsible for operation
  • Operating net revenue
  • Number or receipt invalidations
  • Shortage amount

Revenue & Shortage

  • Accumulated subtotal operating net revenue
  • Accumulated returns subtotal amount
  • Accumulated subtotal shortage
  • Accumulated number of subtotals
  • Payment method
  • Download revenue and shortage record

Customize ReportingInterval

  • Day, week, and month parameter selection
  • Select specific weeks
  • Select specific hour parameters
  • Select specific customer group number
  • Select eat in/takeout


Products & Notes

  • Setting category
  • Setting item/set meal
  • Setting item/set meal picture
  • Designate a printer
  • Set individual tax rate
  • Copy item/set meal
  • Copy setting to other items
  •  Set product note
  • Set price change note
  • Select product from notes
  • Select notes from products

Menu & Table Location

  • Set menu page sequence
  • Set menu page name
  • Set names for different areas/floor levels
  • Set table sequence
  • Set table number/number of customers at each table

Printer Setting

  • Self-define product/category printer
  • Kitchen, receipt printer split printing setting
  • Meal category printing
  • Combine/split/itemized printing for same items
  • Set the number of copies for the kitchen
  • Turn on/off the order window, notation, write-off, table change, detailed list, set meal list, and customer information functions.

Restaurant Procedure & Warning

  • Service confirmation
  • Waiting area waiting time warning
  • Auto checkout and close bill
  • Warning for when eat in/takeout area has not ordered
  • Eat in/takeout service waiting time warning
  • Store stay time warning
  • Designated takeout warning
  • The service form shows the number of people/time/total time in the store

Discount Module

  • Discount/rebate for the entire bill
  • Discount/rebate for designated products
  • Manual discount/rebate module
  • Designate automatic discount/rebate for specific orders, customer number, date parameter, week, and time
  • Discount/rebate on and off settings
  • Discount/rebate user authorization setting

Service Charge & Tax Rate

  • Select service charge calculation methods - product price before or after discount
  • Eat in/takeout service charge setting
  • Service charge calculation setting for exceptional items
  • Service charge user authorization setting
  • Taxable, zero tax, tax exempt setting

Payment Module

  • Setting for cash, credit card, and other payment methods
  • Authorization for various payment methods

Account & Authorization

  • Establish employee account
  • Backstage login authorization management
  • iPad login authorization management
  • Set authorization lock for ordering, deleting orders, write-offs, change notes, service charge, manual discounts, cash payment, credit card payment, subtotaling, closing accounts, cash counter management, and invalidations.
  • Mail daily reports
  • Employee primary function operational record
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out record

Security Mechanism

  • Binding restaurant iPad to IDs
  • Offline payment
  • Offline receipt issuing
  • Offline multi-machine interlock
  • Offline ordering
  • Change or designate hardware