Things you might ask before you start using iCHEF



Things you might ask before you start using iCHEF


What does iCHEF POS include?

From installation to training, all the services you need are included.

No extra fees for extra features

  • Free system upgrades
  • Cloud-based access
  • F&B Data Analytics
  • Offline Mode

Onsite Local Support

  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • On-site Installation
  • Menu & Printer Setting
  • On-site Staff Training
  • On-site Technical Support

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What’s special about iPad POS?

Smaller, but Better

One App, Many Functions
All the functions a waiter will need, integrated in a single app.

POS at Your Command
Setting up your POS made as easy as setting up your Facebook account – even older staff can understand.
A lighter POS system that can fit anywhere in your outlet.


Lost Internet?

iCHEF POS has “Offline Protection”

Offline Protection
If the Internet connection is down, iCHEF carries on working offline for 48 continuous hours. Data is stored locally and automatically syncs to the cloud server once the connection is restored.


Damaged iPad or Printer?

iCHEF provides backup hardware

Back-up Hardware
With data stored in the cloud, damaged iPads or printers are not a problem.
If an iPad isn’t working or a printer breaks, you simply switch to another one and seamlessly keep service flowing.

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Need to change settings after installation?

Make changes on the fly.
Setting up your POS is as easy as setting up your Facebook account.

Menu Changes
Adjust item names, pictures, notes and menu arrangement according to your preference.

Floor Plan
Shuffle, assign or merge tables and table numbers – iCHEF keeps track of everything so you don’t have to.

Fixed or Flexible Discounting
Set your discounts according to sales promotions and adjust them at any time, even give temporary discounts for more flexibility.

Payment Settings
Customise your system by only setting up the forms of payment that you accept, whether it’s cash, credit card, or others (e.g. vouchers).

Staff Authorization
Control what employees can access based on their job requirements and seniority.


Is iCHEF really right for my outlet?

Get a free demo today
From installation to support, everything you need’s included.