Here's what happened last week, handpicked for you.

An influx of Chinese restaurant chains in Singapore

4 chains from China have opened here over the last 10 months, in locations that see a large number of Chinese tourists. Do Spicy House, Riverside Grilled Fish, Shi Miao Dao Yunnan Rice Noodles and Faigo Hotpot sound familiar?

Food trend: Magic Cake

It's like any other cake, but magically separated into three distinct layers – a spongy top, a custard in the middle, and a dense base at the bottom. The recipe has been around for a while, but popularity has been picking up on social media lately. Read about it here.

SaladStop! raises $5 million in funding

Homegrown salad chain SaladStop! has 15 outlets here and 8 in the Philippines; the funding will go towards growing the company's operations in Singapore and into new markets: Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan. Investor firms Hera Capital and DSG Consumer Partners will, in turn, take up an undisclosed minority stake in SaladStop! Article here.

Keeping up with the Foodie Generation

Millennials (born around 1980-2000) value experiences more than possessions, and it's not surprising that they actually spend more of their income on dining that the previous generation. They also have more discerning palates and many consider themselves "foodies". Read the article to find out how to cater to millennials better.

Michelin restaurant ends up in hot water over sous vide hygiene

Did you know Michelin-starred restaurants generally have lower food safety ratings than non-starred ones? Read about how a lapse in procedure led to the restaurant receiving a terrible rating here.

Big Data benefits F&B
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From optimising advertisements to predicting customers' preferences to they can prepare and cook food ahead, F&B businesses are using technology to get ahead.

Every F&B owner should know these accounting basics. 

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