Only 6 in 10 new F&B businesses in Singapore survive beyond 5 years. 


Learn why other F&B businesses have made losses in their first few years of operations and how you can prevent it from happening to yours. 


Based on 5 real life case studies, learn how restaurants overcame problems like: 

- High food cost, labour and rent

- Out-of-control restaurant expenses

- Challenging location

- Unable to make profit even with full house 

- Inflexible franchise owner

PLUS how to go viral!


Who's this for?

This bootcamp is designed for restaurant owners and new F&B owners opening their outlets within the next 6 months.

Don't worry if you have some way to go, attend Bootcamp 101 first and let us know you're interested – we'll put you on the waiting list for the next session!

Our speaker

Benjamin Chan from Protegie Consultancy specialises in transforming struggling F&B businesses into successful restaurants. As a testament to their effective methods, Protegie has never needed to spend more than $6000 over 6 months on marketing for any of their clients.  

What will I learn?

The businesses in the case studies engaged Protegie because they were seeing losses every month, but have successfully pivoted and increased their revenue significantly.

Find out how they discovered the root of their problems, what was done to remedy it and learn clear frameworks that allow you to take action immediately and prevent similar problems in your business.


Registration is now open

Date: 21 June, Wednesday

Time: 7.30 - 9.30pm

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