F&B Bootcamp 103: Digital Marketing


Who is this bootcamp for?

If you check all the above boxes, this workshop is for you. Get in here!


What does it cover?


Important marketing you should do before opening that can make or break your outlet.

Did you know that the F&B sector is doing worse than previous years?



Ebenezer Heng, Director at Oncoffeemakers.com


Ebenezer chairs and speaks regularly in F&B, FMCG and digital marketing conferences. 

He is also a lecturer in a Singapore Tertiary Institution and advises on digital marketing for Organizations such as Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, National Sports Associations, People Association’s constituencies.



What you’ll learn:

  • Digital Marketing basics
  • How to build and tell your brand’s story 
  • Getting engagement on social media 

...and more.


Why are these things important?

Good online marketing can make all the difference to a new F&B outlet that needs to make ROI and balance operational costs.

Marketing efforts should begin before your business is officially open. 

Have a ready pool of customers eager to try your food. 


How do I register?