F&B Bootcamp 102: Suppliers & Equipment


Who is this bootcamp for?

Due to popular demand from attendees of our F&B Entrepreneur Bootcamp (a basic, F&B 101 kind of class), we came up with an advanced bootcamp for serious first-time F&B entrepreneurs looking to open their outlet within 6 months. All concepts are welcome, be it restaurants, kiosks, cafes, or stalls.


What's it about?

This month, our topic is Suppliers & Equipment, one of the most common queries soon-to-be F&B entrepreneurs have. This is the first time we are conducting this session so we welcome any suggestions and feedback!


Niles Toh, founder of Foodrazor 

FoodRazor offers a simple platform to manage orders & invoices, giving you the insights to succeed in the F&B industry, and works with hundreds of suppliers on a daily basis. 


Dawn Lim, founder of Cafe Karung Guni and Nook Cafe

Cafe Karung Guni sources, buys and sells used kitchen equipment,  to help recycle some of the expensive equipment and provide the most affordable alternative for start-up eateries. 

What you'll learn:

... and more. We know that each business may face unique challenges and have dedicated time for Q&A with our experienced speakers as well.


Why are these things important?

Every F&B outlet relies on suppliers – a lack of supplies or not keeping food cost in check can bring down a restaurant. Get insights into the supplier-F&B relationship before you begin ordering.

We understand that not everyone can afford a kitchen consultant. However, the kitchen takes up a significant percentage of your startup cost and it’s better to understand what you really need. 


How do I register?

Our F&B Bootcamp 102 is on April 29, Saturday, 2 - 4pm and $35 per pax. The class is limited to 20 people and tickets are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.